Policies, Terms and Conditions
Form LD102- US
Form LD109- Canada
Form LD114- Latin America

CRN Policy
Policy Letter, ZEKS Branded Products
Air Treatment Hazardous Location Policy
Air Treatment SCCR Policy
Standard Eff.
Refrige Dryers
Premium Eff.
Refrige Dryers
Standard Eff.
Regen Dryers
Premium Eff.
Regen Dryers
Non-Cycling Direct Expansion Dryers
D12IN-D360In 50 & 60 Hz

D340IN - D4080IN
CRN Pricing D340IN - D4080IN

CRN Approved List


Variable Capacity Dryer
VCD Line Reactors

Nirvana Cycling


NVC Special Options
CRN - Pricing - Nirvana Cycling
CRN Approved List

D-EC Cycling Refrigerated Dryer(10-125 SCFM Video

High Pressure Cycling
HPM 890-11280


HLA Heatless
HLA 60hz
HLA 50hz
CRN Pricing - HLA90-HLA600
CRN Approved List
HLA Special Option

HL Heatless

HL 60hz
HL 50hz
CRN Pricing - HL800-HL5000
CRN Approved List
HL Special Option

Desiccant Modular Dryers
D5IM - D299IM
EH Externally Heated Desiccant Dryers
EH 380V
EH 460V
EH 575V
CRN Pricing EH150 - EH8000
CRN Approved List
EH Special Options

HB Heated Blower Desiccant Dryers
HB 380V
HB 460V
HB 575V
CRN Pricing - HB150-HB8000
CRN Approved List
HB Special Options

HOC Heat of Compression (H & HC)
H Series Price List
HC Series Price List

F-Series Filters 
High Efficiency Series
General Purpose Series
Activated Carbon Series
Dust Protection Series

Flanged Filters 

Flanged Filter Series 
Flanged Filter - High Temperature Series
CRN Approved List

CRN Registered 2" and 3" Filters
FN Series Filters


Non-Lube Filter
NLM Filter Series

CRN Approved List

Aftercoolers & Seperators
Please contact API Heat Transfer for your air treatment aftercooler/separator needs:

api Heat Transfer Inc.
2777 Walden Avenue
Buffalo, NY, 14225

(P) 716-684-6700
(F) 716-684-2155

  Dryer PMU Scope Document for IRI and Domestic
Dryer PMU Scope Document


Drawings & Documentation
Drawings & Documentation