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Form LD102-US
Form LD109-Canada
Form LD114-Latin America
5-50 HP 60Hz Commercial Air Products
Point of Manufacture: Campbellsville, KY 42718


UP5-15 Fixed Speed
UP5-15 Fixed Speed TAS

UP6S15-30 Fixed Speed
UP6S15-30 Fixed Speed TAS

IRN20-40 Nirvana
IRN20-40 Nirvana TAS

Contact Cooled/Fixed Speed
R4-11i R-Series Fixed Speed   
R4-11i R-Series Fixed Speed TAS 

RS30-37I & RS30-37ie Fixed Speed 

RS30-37I & RS30-37ie TAS Fixed Speed 

Contact Cooled/Nirvana
R5-11n R-Series Nirvava VSD 
R5-11n R-Series Nirvava VSD TAS 

RS30-37n Nirvana VSD 
RS30-37n Nirvana VSD TAS

Campbellsville Rotary Internal Pricesheets
Internal Pricesheets Rotary Product
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Commercial Rotary Compressors
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575 Volt Transformer Information



50-500 HP 60Hz Industrial Air Products
Point of Manufacture: Davidson, NC 28036

Contact Cooled/Fixed Speed

Single Stage

R45-75i R-Series Fixed Speed 

R45-75i R-Series Fixed Speed TAS 

R90-160i R-Series Fixed Speed

RS200-250i Fixed Speed Single Stage "New"

SSR 250-300 HP

Two Stage

R90-160ie 125-200hp (2-Stage)

RS200-250ie Fixed Speed (2 Stage) "New"

SSR 400-450 HP (2-Stage)


Contact Cooled/Nirvana

Single Stage

R37ne-45n R-Series Nirvana VSD 

R37ne-45n R-Series Nirvana VSD TAS

R55-75n R-Series Nirvana VSD 

R55-75n R-Series Nirvana VSD TAS

R-90-160n R-Series Nirvana VSD 

RS200-250n Variable Speed "New"

Two Stage

R90-160ne 125-200hp 2-Stg Nirvana VSD

RS200-250ne Variable Speed (2S) "New"


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"Book,Burn & Turn" Models
5-50 HP Rotary Barn Packages

50-335 HP Contact-Cooled & Nirvana

Rotary Rental Packages "NEW"

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Order Fees and Miscellaneous Charges

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