Engineering Data
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UP6 5-15C HP 60 Hz
5-15C HP Detail Spec
5 HP
7.5 HP
10 HP
15C HP

UP6 5-15C HP TAS 60 Hz
5-15C TAS Standard Scope
5-15C TAS Detail Scope
7.5 HP TAS

UP6S 15-30 HP 60 Hz
UP6S 15-30 HP Detailed Scope

UP6S 15-125 & 145
UP6S 20-125 & 145 & 200
UP6S 25-125 & 145 & 200
UP6S 30-125 & 145 & 200
UP6S 15-125HA & 145HA
UP6S 20-125HA & 145HA & 200HA
UP6S 25-125HA & 145HA & 200HA

Nirvana 20-40HP/15-30kW "TAS"
TAS Standard Scope
TAS Detailed Specs
ModBus Registers
TAS 20HP/15kW Eng Data
TAS 25HP/18kW Eng Data
TAS 30HP/22kW Eng Data
TAS 40HP/30kW Eng Data

Nirvana 20HP Part Load Efficiency
Nirvana 25HP Part Load Efficiency
Nirvana 30HP Part Load Efficiency
Nirvana 40HP Part Load Efficiency

Nirvana 20-40HP/15-30kW
Standard Scope
Detailed Spec
20HP/15kW Eng Data
25HP/18kW Eng Data
30HP/22kW Eng Data
40HP/30kW Eng Data



Text Box: R-Series 37-160kW General Information

Product Acceptance Specifictation R-Series
Contact Cooled
Fate Specification
R37-160 Detailed Scope
R4-160 Paint Specifications
ERS Performance
CRN Approved Items Drawing
Product Information Manual (R37-160)
Maintenance Manual(R37-160)

R4i-R11i(5-15 HP)
R4-11kw Standard Specification
R4-11kw Detailed Specification
R4i Eng Data-Single Phase 60Hz
R4i Eng Data - 60Hz 
R4i Eng Data-High Ambient
R4i TAS Eng Data-Single Phase 60Hz
R4i TAS Eng Data - 60Hz
R5i Eng Data-Single Phase 60Hz
R5i Eng Data - 60Hz  

R5i Eng Data-High Ambient
R5i TAS Eng Data-Single Phase 60Hz
R5i TAS Eng Data - 60Hz
R7.5i Eng Data - 60Hz 
R7.5i TAS Eng Data - 60Hz
R7.5i Eng Data-High Ambient
R11i Eng Data - 60Hz  

R11i TAS Eng Data - 60Hz 
R4-11kw CTD vs RH

R45ie-75i(75-100 HP)
R45IE Eng Data - 60Hz 
R45IE Eng Data - 50Hz 
R45IE TAS Eng Data - 60Hz 
R45IE TAS Eng Data - 50Hz 
R55I Eng Data - 60Hz  
R55I Eng Data - 50Hz
R75I Eng Data - 60Hz  
R75I Eng Data - 50Hz  
R55I TAS Eng Data - 60Hz 
R55I TAS Eng Data - 50Hz
R75I TAS Eng Data - 60Hz 
R75I TAS Eng Data - 50Hz 
R45IE-75I General Arrangement-Air Cooled 
R45IE-75I Electrical Schematic (FS-SD)
R45IE-75I Electrical Schematic (FS-SS)
R45IE-75I P&ID Diagram (A/C-W/C) (FSD)
R55-75 ERS Performance
R55 Dryer Dewpoint Performance
R75 Dryer Dewpoint Performance

R55-75 CTD vs RH
Maintenance Manual(RS37-160kw)

R90i-160i(125-200 HP)

R90i Eng Data - 60Hz 

R90i Eng Data - 50 Hz
R90iHA Eng Data - 50 Hz
R110i Eng Data - 60 Hz
R110i Eng Data - 50 Hz
R160i Eng Data - 60 Hz
R160i Eng Data - 50 Hz
R90-110 CTD vs RH

R90ie-160ie(125-200-2S HP)
R90ie AC/WC Engineering Data
R110ie AC/WC Engineering Data
R160ie AC/WC Engineering Data

R5n-R11n(5-15 HP)
R-11kw Standard Specification
R5-11kw Detailed Specification
R5n Eng Data - 60Hz 
R5n TAS Eng Data - 60Hz
R7.5n Eng Data - 60Hz  

R7.5n TAS Eng Data - 60Hz
R11n Eng Data - 60Hz  
R11nTAS Eng Data - 60Hz 
R5-11kw CTD vs RH

R37ne-R45n(50-60 HP)
R37ne Eng Data-60 Hz
R37ne Eng Data-50 Hz
R37ne TAS Eng Data -60 Hz 
R37ne TAS Eng Data -50 Hz 
R45n Eng Data - 60Hz 
R45n Eng Data - 50Hz 
R45n TAS Eng Data - 60Hz 
R45n TAS Eng Data - 50Hz 
R37-45 ERS Performance
R37ne Dryer Dewpoint
R45n Dryer Dewpoint
R37ne-45n CTD vs RH

R55n-R75n(75-100 HP)
R55n Eng Data - 60Hz 
R55n Eng Data - 50Hz  
R75n Eng Data - 60Hz    
R75n Eng Data - 50Hz   
R55n TAS Eng Data - 60Hz    
R55n TAS Eng Data - 50Hz  
R75n TAS Eng Data - 60Hz  
R75n TAS Eng Data - 50Hz  

R90n-160n(125-200 HP)
R90N Eng Data
R110N Eng Data
R160N Eng Data
R90N Eng Data - 50 Hz
R110N Eng Data - 50 Hz
R160N Eng Data - 50Hz

R90ne-160ne(125-200-2S HP VSD)
R90ne AC/WC Engineering Data
R90ne AC/WC Engineering Data -50Hz
R110ne AC/WC Engineering Data
R110ne AC/WC Engineering Data -50Hz
R160ne AC/WC Engineering Data

R160ne AC/WC Engineering Data -50Hz

R-Series 55-75kw FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Text Box: Next Generation R-Series  "NEW"

RS30-37(40-50 HP)
Detailed Specification Document
RS30i Data Sheet
RS30i TAS Data Sheet
RS37i Data Sheet
RS37i TAS Data Sheet
RS30ie Data Sheet
RS30ie TAS Data Sheet
RS37ie Data Sheet
RS37ie TAS Data Sheet

RS30n Data Sheet
RS30n TAS Data Sheet
RS37n Data Sheet
RS37n TAS Data Sheet

RS200-250(250-350 HP) "NEW"
RS185i AC Data Sheet
RS185i WC Data Sheet
RS185ie AC Data Sheet
RS185ie WC Data Sheet
RS220i AC Data Sheet
RS220i WC Data Sheet
RS220ie AC Data Sheet
RS220ie WC Data Sheet
RS260i AC Data Sheet
RS260i WC Data Sheet
RS260ie AC Data Sheet
RS260ie WC Data Sheet
RS200n AC Data Sheet

RS200n WC Data Sheet
RS200ne AC Data Sheet
RS200ne WC Data Sheet
RS250n AC Data Sheet
RS250n WC Data Sheet
RS250ne AC Data Sheet
RS250ne WC Data Sheet

Detailed Specification Document


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SSR 250-300HP
General Information
Materials of Construction
Paint Spec
Std. Scope of Supply
Detailed Spec
Typical Spec

250HP Eng Data
300HP Eng Data

SSR 2-Stage 250-500HP

General Information
Materials of Construction
Paint Spec
Std. Scope of Supply
Detailed Spec
250HP Eng Data
300HP Eng Data
350HP Eng Data
400HP Eng Data
450HP Eng Data
500HP Eng Data

R190ne-225ne(250-300-2S HP VSD)
R190ne AC/WC Engineering Data -60 Hz
R225ne AC/WC Engineering Data -60 Hz
R190ne AC/WC Engineering Data - 50 Hz
R225ne AC/WC Engineering Data  50 Hz

Witness Testing:

Witness Testing Info Packet

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Contact Services for VFD Data

Rotary Accessories
Phase Monitor
High Dust Filter
115F Inlet Water
Therm. Water Valve
Electrical/Enclosure Modifications
SSR Low Ambient
Remote Intake
Panel Filter General Info
SSR XE Prem. Efficiency Motors
Remote Receiver Vessels
Power Outage Restart Option (PORO)

Engineering Specifications - "Special Options"
Epoxy Paint

Engineered Rotary
Rules of Engagement Doc (Read First)
RFQ Forms